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The original slipper from Schnalstal Valley.

Schnalstal Valley

Over a distance of only a few kilometres, the Schnalstal Valley stretches from the green vineyards at the entrance to the valley to the glaciated peaks of the Ötztal Alps. Due to this diverse and unique natural and cultural landscape, Schnalstal Valley is one of the most fascinating valleys in the Alps. The discovery of Ötzi, the 5300 year-old glacier mummy, and the year-round herding of sheep, referred to as “transhumance”, over the main Alpine ridge are proof that hunters and shepherds have populated Schnalstal Valley for thousands of years.


„The ipotsch slipper is an ecological, hand-crafted and ethically produced natural product from Senales Valley in South Tyrol.“


Mountain farming and traditional hand crafts have always gone hand in hand in Schnalstal Valley. The aim is to ensure that authentic products remain sustainable and above all to increase the value-added for the valley and its mountain farmers.


The wool for these original slippers (ipotsch) comes exclusively from the Senales sheep that are perfectly in tune with life in this Alpine region. The felt is produced in one of the most famous South Tyrolean loden and felt factories.


The herbs and minerals in these high-Alpine pastures provide the sheep with premium quality eco food. The special properties of the sheep’s wool used to make the ipotsch slippers are impressive, e.g. perfect heat compensation and extreme durability.

UNESCO Cultural heritage

Prehistoric and early history research have shown that sheep have been herded from Senales Valley in South Tyrol over the glaciers to the pastures in the Ötztal Valley for at least 6,000 years now. In 2019, cross-border sheep herding, transhumance, was included in the UNESCO intangible cultural heritage list.

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ipotsch felt slippers are available in select stores in South Tyrol and they can be ordered directly from the Tourist Office in Senales Valley by email.

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